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Imagine. In just one hour, you and someone important to you, who is living with dementia, experience together...

  • A meaningful interactive project that stimulates important brain functions including critical thinking, executive functioning, reasoning and processing skills,
  • The positive impact reminiscing has on cognition and mood,
  • Creative activities that encourage visual processing and exercise fine and gross motor skills,
  • A sense of accomplishment and independence facilitated through step-by-step directions, and
  • New ways to have fun together using cueing tools designed to improve communication and socialization.

Positive, meaningful experiences together are what DiscoveryPaks are all about.

Family and professional caregivers often find it difficult to think of new and interesting ways to inspire their care partners. Much of their time is, appropriately, focused on the provision of care; therefore, the challenges of preparing a stimulating activity reduce the likelihood and frequency of shared intellectual and social forms of stimulation. Even if a care partner has the time, developing an activity in a way that optimizes the intrinsic and functional capacities of the people for whom they are created takes experience and knowledge of the cognitive process.

Our approach to enriching engagement brings expertise to the process to enhance its value to the recipient. Educationally, our product development team holds degrees in various therapeutic modalities (art, music, and recreational therapy). Additionally, each DiscoveryPak is user tested in assisted living homes with a diverse group of seniors. We adapt them to changing cognitive and physical skill levels by providing alternative ways to engage someone, and we eliminate the ones that do not meet our high standards.

Client’s share their experiences

I’m always interested in activities that I can do with my father, particularly ones that tap into his creativity, self-expression and provide him a sense of gratification. The Van Gogh DiscoveryPak provided the perfect combination of all three.  Together, we explored, created and enjoyed time together.  Using the thoughtful design approach suggested in the packet, we focused on the elements in the DiscoveryPak that particularly resonated with him.  

Client’s share their experiences

Throughout the entire activity, my dad was focused, more verbal in his expression, and took particular interest when we compared our version of Starry Night to the Van Gogh’s in the booklet.  Overall, we spent over an hour together in what was a well-paced, multi-dimensional project. It was a rewarding experience, and I look forward to doing another DiscoveryPak!

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