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Introducing DiscoveryPaks

Creative tools to inspire and connect caregivers and people living with dementia

Holistic & Engaged Aging

Healthy aging is a holistic concept incorporating mind, body and spirit. Current evidence indicates that an enriching environment and social activity support physical and psychological well-being. For example, mental stimulation (such as puzzles, colorful creative activities, and music) improve brain health in older adults, including individuals showing signs of cognitive decline. DiscoveryPaks provide families and care givers a fun opportunity for interaction as well as an easy way to bring joy and stimulation to those living with dementia.

Give Someone You Love the Best Hour of the Day!

Each DiscoveryPak contains tools that provide cognitive and physical interaction, stimulate conversation, and promote independence.
Everything needed for each enriching activity is contained in one DiscoveryPak.

Look Inside a Discovery Pak: Polar Bear Art

Oil pastels are a unique artistic medium that can be both fun and relaxing. Enjoy being creative while making a colorful background for a selection of polar bears in this mixed-media piece. While exploring this DiscoveryPak, use the included booklet to learn and talk more about polar bears.

Fundamentals of Healthy Aging

Interactive activities shared between two or more people are not only interesting and entertaining but enhance emotional balance and outlook on life. Each DiscoveryPak is purposefully designed to encompass the three keys areas of healthy aging, producing positive benefits for everyone involved.


Executive Functioning
Creative Expression


Visual Processing
Sense of Control


Social Interaction ‚Äč

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